Coronavirus Vaccine Won’t Be Available For Everyone Till 2024, Says Major Pharma Giant CEO

A reliable vaccine to the coronavirus for managing the COVID-19 sickness won’t be accessible to immunize the general public as late as the end of 2024, stated the chief executive of the world’s one of biggest vaccine manufacturer in an individual interview with the Financial Times.

In an interview with the Financial Times ,the CEO of the Serum Institute of India Adar Poonawalla stated that the pharmaceutical companies weren’t ready to increase their production volume fast enough to meet the requirement of the world’s population before the end of 2024.

“It will take approximately four to five years till everyone gets access to the vaccine on Earth,” Poonawalla mentioned, reports FT. Earlier, Poonawalla estimated that a two-dose vaccine standard- if the bid to the coronavirus vaccine, like rotavirus or the measles-would require 15 billion doses to immunize the entirety of the planet, reported a local news source.

This news comes right after a statement from the CDC at the beginning of this month, which commanded public health officials in all 50 states and five major cities of the U.S. to get ready to distribute a reliable coronavirus vaccine to health care workers and other high at-risk sections of the society.

The Serum Institute- situated in Pune-has, collaborated with five other pharmaceutical companies worldwide, which includes Novavax and AstraZeneca. Jointly, they’ve committed to developing a coronavirus vaccine with goals to produce one billion doses- 50 % of which are promised to India. The Serum Institute might collaborate with Russia’s Gamaleya Research Institute to co-create the Sputnik vaccine, reported Hindustan Times.

In the previous week, the Oxford vaccine applicant from Astra Zeneca stopped human trials when a participant got sick in the U.K, post which the Serum Institute has halted the trials- quoting a show-cause notice released from the Drug Controller of India. Still, these test runs have already resumed in Britain.

When this occurred in the second half of last week, Poonawala posted on Twitter,  “As I said earlier, we should not lead to results until that trials are completed. The new events are an understandable example of why we should not bias and should be respectful towards the procedure till the very end.”

In the U.S. and globally, the pharmaceutical companies are working in sync with Government bodies to create a realistic timeline towards offering the planet with a reliable vaccine. We seem to be in an impractical tug of war, where Trump’s administration is moving the date of release to sometime this year, whereas other experts-some scientific, some private asking for an increased timeframe.

It does not matter whether the vaccine will be made public sooner or later; one thing is for sure: the COVID 19 coronavirus will be a thing of the past eventually.

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