Train Accident Causes $2 Million Damage, Leaves New Cars With Destroyed Roofs

A low-bridge train disaster took place at Memphis, Tennessee, last Sunday, causing damage near to 2 million dollars as on board were brand new cars which were entirely wrecked as a result of the collision.

The roofs of the new cars kept on scraping off as the train took a while to stop after its impact with the bridge. Trains taking longer to stop is a known fact, given the weight that they carry inside; unfortunately, this became the reason for more substantial damage in terms of money.

Train dispatching systems work pretty well in assuring that such incidents don’t take place. However, having seen this incident, it is clear that the authorities had some wrong information on the route before the commencement of this trip.

They might well have had false data regarding the clearance of this bridge, which caused millions to be wasted in a fraction of time.

Watch the video below of this unfortunate incident, which is a real pain for car enthusiasts and especially for Ford lovers. The end of the video shows the wrecked cars with scraped off roofs inclusive of Ford Explorer and Ford Lincoln, according to Jalopnik.

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