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LG Introduces A Wristband That Helps You Keep Track Of Your Children

In this era of smart technology, we are witnessing all kinds of gadgets and devices that focus on connecting everyone and everything. Add to this the concern that parents share all over the world when it comes to their young ones. This is where LG comes in with a wearable tech for the young children in the form of a wrist band that allows the parents to track their children. The wrist band also allows to call children or receive calls from them.

The gadget is known as KizON and will work as a tether between parents and children. The idea is to come up with a gadget that the children won’t mind wearing on their wrist and to achieve this, the huge wristband comes with a cartoon character capped over the top of this band. How good does this idea sell is something we will see when this gadget is released this fall.

The KizON will come equipped with a 3G radio and a single call button that is located under the cap and that allows the parents and the child to call each other. A call can be placed by the children to their parents by a simple click of the button and parents can call their child if the need be. The best part is the fact that if a parent calls the child the call is automatically picked up after ringing for ten seconds and parents can listen in onto what’s happening on the other end. The companion app that LG is planning to launch along with the gadget will also reveal the child’s locations so that the parent can keep proper tabs.

There is no news regarding the price of the gadget as of now, however, all these questions will be answered later this year. The battery has a life of 36 hours and will send a warning to the parents when the battery level drops below 25%. But again, how useful will this gadget be, remains to be seen.