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This Wearable Chair Allows You To Sit While You Are Standing. Here’s How It Works

Say hello to Archelis – a chair that is wearable and is intended for those who have to stand for several hours at their job. The strap-on wearable chair allows the user to sit while standing. It has been created by Nitto, a Japanese company that works in collaboration with Chiba University’s Center for Frontier Medical Engineering, Hiroaki Nishimura Design, and Japan Polymer Technology. The product is still under development and is slated for market later this year.

If you look at it from a technical perspective, it is not really a chair but rather a leg brace. It has to be wrapped around user’s legs and buttocks and imparts the user with the freedom of selecting a stance that’s more comfortable than simply standing upright. It can be locked in various positions depending upon user’s requirement and allows the adjustment of your ankle and knee joints while doing so.

The gadget works by distributing the pressure over thigh and shin, thus causing a reduction in joint and muscle fatigue. It is created using carbon parts only and is flexible and comfortable for longer time uses as well. It works without power or batteries and was originally aimed at helping surgeons out when performing surgeries that last for longer periods of time.