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This Rotating Round Garden Makes Gardening Easy In Your Living Room

What do you do when you are living in a crowded city and don’t have a garden of your own but need to satiate the inner gardener? That is where OGarden Smart comes in! You might remember OGarden from last year – a unique way of gardening with plants housed in a rotating wheel that featured light at its center. OGarden Smart is the updated version of the OGarden and is currently raising funds on Kickstarter.

OGarden Smart can house about 90 plants including leafy greens, cherry tomatoes, baby peppers, herbs, and even edible flowers. The wheel is capable of housing a total of 60 plants whereas the LED lit nursery shelf located below the wheel can house 30 plans bringing the total to 90 plants. The second generation OGarden, OGarden Smart, features an automatic watering that takes water from the tanks located in the base of the contraption. The tanks can hold enough quantity of the water that can last for 10 days. A warning system has also been incorporated into the device that notifies the user when the water reserves are running low.

OGarden Smart comes with a low-energy LED lighting that has been placed at the center of the device. This helps make sure that your gardening-hobby doesn’t become taxing for your wallet. The device measures in at 53x29x15 inches and is reportedly easier to use as opposed to the original. The device only uses 120W of power.

The process of indoor gardening using OGarden Smart begins with seed cups. The seed cups are supplied by the company and placed in the nursery cupboard followed by pushing the ‘start button.’ If the list of available plants doesn’t feature the kind of plant you wish to grow; you can always get a bag of virgin Earth and use your own seeds. After the first three weeks, you can move the plants into the wheel. The indoor gardener then simply needs to harvest when ready, after about 35 days of planting. Once a plant ceases its production, the root ball and earth can be composted for the sake of future plant-growing.

The Kickstarter pledges for the OGarden Smart System feature the device, seed cups, and some greens for getting the users started. The pledges start at about $550, and if all goes well, the shipping is slated to begin in May.