Facebook Wrist Band Allows You To Send A Friend Request By Bumping Fists

Tomorrowland wrist band

You’ll find two types of persons when it comes to Facebook; those who are selective about who they add to the friend list and those who have to just add everyone that they’ve met. For the latter category, this gadget is like the best thing ever. This latest wristband will make adding people to Facebook quite fast and easy. The band comes from a Belgian music festival and is capable of sending friend requests to the people who are close to the band wearer at the touch of a button. The technology has been imparted to the wristbands for the Tomorrowland festival that is taking place this month in Boom, Belgium.tomorrowland bracelets Facebook2

Those who will be attending the festival have been urged to register their bands online and connect them to the respective Facebook account. The idea is that if you meet someone at the festival and feel like that you want to be friends on Facebook; the users will have to press the heart button on the gadget at the same time. This simultaneous pressing of the button will pair the bands and shall send the account details of one another to each another.tomorrowland bracelets Facebook4 tomorrowland bracelets Facebook5

However, you need not worry for this band won’t accept requests on your behalf. It only works to help you send a friend request or to receive a friend request and then it is up to you if you want to add the other person on Facebook or not.tomorrowland bracelets Facebook6 tomorrowland bracelets Facebook

The idea sure is innovative and makes use of the wearable tech, however, we wonder how good this will work in a crowd where more than two people shall be hitting the heart button to pair up with another user’s wristband.

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