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LEGO Unveils Anti-LEGO Slippers That End The Pain From Stepping Onto LEGO Bricks

A lot of us have been there; going on about our business only to experience excruciating pain after stepping onto none other than a LEGO piece. The hellish pain is unlike anything that you have experienced before in your life and can render you almost disabled for some time. The anguish that follows doesn’t help either. What’s more troubling is that no matter how careful you are, LEGO pieces will find a way to inflict pain!

However, it would seem that LEGO has taken notice of humanity’s cries for help and is all set to release a new product that will eradicate such incidents involving LEGO. The said product is currently undergoing testing, but we are hopeful that soon enough we will be able to witness the Anti-LEGO slippers in action.

That is right; you can say goodbye to the pain that LEGO pieces inflicted on you with the Anti-LEGO slippers. You will be able to walk in your home freely without worrying about stepping onto a foot-breaker. The incident has been a tear-causing nightmare for about 66 years now. No more, thanks to the Anti-LEGO slippers from the company.

If you sign up on the wish list that is being populated on the LEGO website, you might be one of the lucky testers that can witness how effective the anti-LEGO slippers are first-hand. If the results are positive, LEGO will be mass-producing these slippers so that the complaints about the unbearable pain that follows after you have stepped onto a LEGO piece can cease. What remains to be seen is whether LEGO will provide these anti-LEGO slippers along with its kits or will users have to buy them separately and what the price tag will be? What do you think though? Were these slippers necessary? Do let us know!