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Here Is A New Security Camera With Facial Recognition Capability

Netatmo Welcome – Security Camera with Facial Recognition8

There are a large number of security cameras available in the market with the notion of keeping you and your home safe. These cameras are capable of recording what’s going on. Now a new camera named “Welcome” by Netatmo beats them all. Netatmo Welcome is capable of using facial recognition in order to ascertain who is in your home and can alert you accordingly.

Netatmo calls itself a company that is dedicated to innovation and bringing more consumer electronics to the market. This product, Welcome, meets a number of trends being followed by the mainstream security cameras and incorporates the unique feature of facial recognition and internet of things movement.

The gadget can send alerts to the user’s smartphone indicating when a person has been detected while also relaying if the detected person is recognized or not. The idea is to let the user know that who comes to home and at what time.

User will also be able to change settings for each particular individual who lives in the household. Notifications can be enabled or disabled while users can choose if they want the footage to be stored or not. User can also set a time during which notifications are delivered and if videos of a particular individual are to be recorded.

The video is recorded in 1080p Full HD whereas it uses an infrared LED to record video at night. The lens has a 130-degrees coverage and allows the gadget to enjoy a wider field of view. An embedded microphone is used for audio recording. The gadget can also be supplemented with Welcome Tags that are affixed on windows or doors to allow for notifications pertaining to movement. An SD card is used for the storage of videos and data to ensure privacy from any cloud server, and also reducing the cost one would have to pay for cloud services. Netatmo stated that there is a ‘bank-level encrypted connection’ when the user’s smartphone connects to the gadget. The device can be set up in under minutes and then connects to Internet via Wi-Fi or Ethernet.

No price information has been released yet, however, deliveries are slated for the second quarter of 2015.

Watch the video below and let us know your views in the comments section.

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