Jony Ive Is Reportedly Talking To ChatGPT Boss Sam Altman About Making A New AI Device

While Apple’s iPhone 15 announcement has grabbed headlines, OpenAI, the driving force behind ChatGPT, is poised to make waves with a potential AI hardware project. Reports indicate that Sam Altman, OpenAI’s CEO, is in discussions with the renowned designer Jony Ive, known for his contributions to Apple’s iconic products.

The specifics of this secretive AI venture remain undisclosed, leaving room for speculation about the project’s nature. It remains unclear whether OpenAI will oversee the production of the device or if other collaborators will join the effort. Masayoshi Son, CEO of SoftBank and a prominent tech investor, has been informed about these discussions. Son’s interest in OpenAI was piqued when he expressed interest in investing in the organization earlier this month. However, the extent of Son’s involvement in this AI hardware project remains uncertain.

This potential foray into AI hardware comes as tech giants like Google, Microsoft, and Amazon intensify their efforts to advance AI technology, striving to outpace OpenAI’s conversational AI chatbot, ChatGPT. Since its release in November of the previous year, ChatGPT has found applications in diverse areas, from personal enhancement and workplace productivity to generating income.

OpenAI has recently raised the bar by announcing that ChatGPT Plus users will soon be able to interact with the chatbot using voice commands, facilitating interactive conversational experiences. While the specifics of OpenAI’s AI hardware endeavor remain undisclosed, the collaboration with celebrated designer Jony Ive could potentially provide OpenAI with a competitive edge in the evolving AI landscape.

Jony Ive’s illustrious career spans nearly three decades, marked by his design contributions to iconic devices such as the iMac, iPod, and iPad. In 2015, Ive assumed the role of Apple’s Chief Design Officer, overseeing the company’s design direction. In 2019, he departed Apple to establish his design company, LoveFrom, which reportedly assists Ferrari in designing its inaugural electric car. Ive’s creative influence extended to the realm of space initiatives, as he crafted the “Astra Carta” seal for King Charles III, symbolizing intergalactic sustainability.

On the other hand, SoftBank’s CEO, Masayoshi Son, is familiar with ChatGPT, having acknowledged his regular interactions with the AI chatbot during the company’s shareholder meeting in June. He even disclosed engaging in conversations with Sam Altman, albeit less consistently. In a 2019 CNBC interview, Son expressed his belief that AI would fundamentally transform human life within three decades.

As OpenAI explores the potential collaboration with Jony Ive and navigates the development of AI hardware, it remains at the forefront of AI innovation, leveraging ChatGPT’s capabilities to pave the way for transformative AI experiences.

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