Japanese Billionaire Is Looking For A Life Partner To Accompany Him To Moon

Dreamt of someone who could bring you moons and stars? The wait is over my ladies. All young females be ears! Yusaku Maezawa – A Japanese Billionaire and founder of Japanese online clothing retailer Zozo Inc. is going to take her dream girl for a trip to the moon. Would you be her?

Not to rush, the journey is under planning to occur in 2023 so there is plenty of time in hand to be all set for this amazing expedition.

Incredibly, the stories of spaceships and rockets had been all through our minds since childhood but the ultimate experience to be taken up is going to be open now for the civilians to be benefitted of.   No one has ever heard of finding a life partner through this kind of special way. If you are the lucky one, then behold! A wild adventurous journey is waiting for you. This Billionaire is eager to alleviate and alter the dullness of his life by welcoming a suitable lovely young lady in his life. To mention, the loveliness of the lady in terms of having an optimistic approach while being keen to fly through the sky to space. Thanks to Mr. Elon Musk-CEO of the Aerospace company: SpaceX, for creating an auspicious anticipatory prospect by innovating such advance rockets, capable enough to withstand the resistances through the journey to the Moon.

A lot of money is already spent, and more is anticipatory to be expended for this flight as the ticket to Space is worthy of a handsome amount.

Opportunities like these become more successful when you think that they are for you. And if you have a keen interest to opt for it, you must do all the work for it. Linking the aforesaid, Mr. Maezawa’s profile must be known well. Not just being a billion-dollar working nerd, he also finds a huge interest in Art and plans to take a few artists on board with him for his carefree tour.

Considering yourself an applicant in line with the demand, you must start from now as the process will take a three months period for which you can check the requirements to be fulfilled; while the chosen finalist will be announced by the end of March. So, before the deadline of January 17th reaches, hurry up to grab this chance!

It was announced lately by Mr. Maezawa that 100 random people will be honored to win prize money for which the task is very simple, that is, to retweet Mr. Maezawa’s below-mentioned tweet.

“To participate, all you have to do is follow me and RT this tweet,” he said:

100m yen ($925,000; £725,000) are kept aside for this interesting task.

So fingers crossed to see who is going to be that Lucky one.

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