Google’s Parent Company Alphabet Enters The $1 Trillion Value Club

Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, and now Google’s parent company Alphabet, enters the 1$ trillion market. What’s better than achieving such a great milestone before calling it a day? On Thursday, just before closing the market, the company hit the number, with the last trading being done at $1,451.70 per share.

Recently, in December, the position of Chief Executive Officer was handed over to Sundar Pichai, CEO Google. The time was hard on the ex-executives after the allegations and the 20,000-person Walkout employee protest. As per the Wall Street analysis, revenue of $46.9 billion is expected from Alphabet, an addition of nearly 20 percent. And the percentage of those betting on the price decline is just 1%.

A portfolio manager at Firsthand Funds, Kevin Landis, says, “Google is a stock that won’t get you fired,” adding further, “Will I be able to double my money in this stock from here? I’m not sure about that.”

Diving into the business and investment terminologies, a Goldman Sachs analysis shows that the Alphabet’s market currently enjoys the cream holdings of both the mutual and hedge funds. And that also puts it at risk of price oscillations if there is any sudden change. Regardless, the investors are not turning their backs.

Early in next month, the fourth-quarter earnings of Alphabet are to be revealed. Shifting to Amazon, that was third in the list of trillion-dollar companies, has faced a serious loss falling below $1 trillion, and lately, the record of consecutive profits has also cracked up. Adding fire, the shares have hit down about 7% in just a few months.

Another portfolio manager of the Biondo Focus fund, was concerned that the company’s costs might rise up, owing to the actions it undertook to prevent the regulatory measures from Washington. He added that such a situation can have an effect on businesses like Youtube if it tends to hire employees for the critical examinations of posted content.

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