Is The Apple Gold Watch Really Made Out Of Gold? Here’s The Truth

Gold Apple Watch, The Truth! 4

Apple is a company known for innovation and high priced gadgets. It has made it it‘s motto to provide users with seamless experience of technology and has shown some real steadfastness when it comes to privacy of users. (Remember the recent tussle with FBI?)Gold Apple Watch, The Truth! Gold Apple Watch, The Truth! 5

For those of you who are late, new Edition Apple Watch is slated to cost around 10-17 thousand dollars and features a new patented gold that is touted to be stronger, however, has less gold by volume.Gold Apple Watch, The Truth! 3

You’d be amazed to know that only ¾ of the watch is made up of this gold whereas the rest is merely a mix of metals, thus rendering the watch to be extremely durable.

Gold Apple Watch, The Truth! 2

Apple isn’t doing anything shady, if that’s what you’re wondering. You can still boast of owning a gold watch given that you can cough up enough money to purchase this Apple Watch.

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