Glitch That Unlocks Your iPhone Without A Password Has Got Everyone Fooled

Does iPhone Really Have A Glitch 2

A recent video of a glitch has been discovered that had the Apple users quite worried, however, as turns out, there’s not much to be afraid of. The glitch apparently allowed anyone to bypass the lock screen on iPhone. Scary, right?Does iPhone Really Have A Glitch

It was showcased in a video where it was claimed that any person can access any iPhone without requiring to enter the security pin. Once the video went viral on social media, savvy Apple users stepped in to call it out and said that the claims were false.

According to the video, if you activated Siri from the lock screen for accessing the clock or the weather, it then became possible for the intruder to land onto the homepage without having to enter the security code.Does iPhone Really Have A Glitch 3

However, it was later pointed out by many users that the video uploader, SocialStar, didn’t take the fingerprint sensor into account. When he made use of his thumb for activating the virtual assistant, the Touch ID feature scanned and then unlocked the phone autonomously.

MacRumors said, “Savvy users will have noted that the method only works because the user activates Siri by pressing the home button with a finger that has clearly already been registered with the Touch ID feature’s fingerprint scanner.”Does iPhone Really Have A Glitch 2

The YouTube user said, “It seems that Apple have fixed the bug, it did work to start with but unfortunately it’s been patched.”

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