Intelligent Chair Design Will Not Let You Get Fat


fit ballAll those who have a desk job will eventually complain for the fat that they’ve manage to accumulate over the time. The reason is simple; they stay on their chairs for most part of the day with almost zero activity that would involve burning of fat and this result in increase in waist. Now we wouldn’t really blame such people, after all, they are expected to work and that too at their workplace. So there is not much that they could do until now.

What you’re looking is being called as the Balance King’s Active Chair. This chair will make your core work even when you’re just sitting idle at your workstation. The key idea over here was to come up with something that could benefit its users like a fit ball would do without making it look like too awkward. This is exactly what this chair does. It looks like a normal chair but is capable of making your core work just like a fit ball. The invention comes from a Hungarian Company and seems to be the perfect thing to have at your office.

Refuse to be Fat – Active Chair 2The upper section and base are joined together by a joint which allows a full circle rotation at its horizontal axis. This will allow for the user to continuously struggle to keep his/her balance. A great exercise for your core and that’s not just all. Unlike a fit ball this chair won’t be used as a joke by your colleagues, you will be able to disable the tilting function when you feel like it by employing a mechanism which locks the chair in its position. So you won’t have to change chairs once you’re done with working out rather use one chair for all purposes.

Refuse to be Fat – Active ChairAs of now, the manufacturing company us busy in finding partners that would help it manufacture and then distribute this product. Once it manages to get into the production phase , then it will face competition and we’ll find out which is the best. Till then, we wish Balance King all the best for their active chair endeavor.

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