This Is The Hardest Watch To Read In The World

Kisai Spider Acetate – Hardest Task 6

Kisai Spider Acetate – Hardest Task 2We are entering a new era where those conventional clock-hands and those boring looking numerals are replaced by exotic displays featuring counter-intuitive ideograms, that make telling the time an exercise in decryption. TokyoFlash is a supplier of these limited-edition LCD and LED watches. But they took these gadgets to a whole new level with the new Kisai Spider Acetate watch that has undoubtedly set a new standard for inscrutability.

Kisai Spider Acetate – Hardest Task Kisai Spider Acetate – Hardest Task 5What makes the Kisai spider different than the rest? Well they are more or less the same as other watches if we focus on its construction. It’s exactly like one of those quartz watches with an LCD screen and an LED light for checking the time in the dark that have been sold to millions at US$5.99. The reason why this watch has been given so much attention and that makes it worth $159.00 is that it is pretty hard to read. Whether that is desirable or not, is a point, many continue to debate upon. If that is indeed a sought-after feature, the Spider Acetate is probably worth every penny of its price.

Kisai Spider Acetate – Hardest Task 4The above diagram, have the time labeled with them. And no, you’re not the only one who took about 10 to 15 minutes before you could figure out the time on an unlabeled display. If you didn’t you’re probably a genius.

Kisai Spider Acetate – Hardest Task 7Another feature of the Spider Acetate that TokyoFlash has been highlighting over and over again is the transparent display. The transparent LCDis what creates the illusion that time is floating on your wrist. A number of bloggers have posted plenty of opinions about this remarkable new feature. While, to some, all it means is that they can see a freckle on their wrist when they check the time, the techno-geeks out there would love this innovative watch.

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