Instantly Scan Notes To Your Computer With This Scanmarker Pen


Taking Notes is a long and arduous process. First, you have to read the whole thing and then highlight the important parts and then manually write them on your device. That is all going to change with the Scanmarker pen. The device sends your highlighted text directly to the device and you don’t have to input the data manually.

Just run the Scanmarker over the text you want to be transmitted and it will do so via Bluetooth directly to your device. It works using a patented image processing technology that captures the scanned text as a raw image and further processes it. The device is compatible with all software including Word, Excel, Gmail, and even Facebook.

(Source: Amazon)

The text appears directly where you want it to be, and is ready for editing or sharing. The Scanmarker can also be used as a translating tool. You can select the language you want to translate and slide it over the text and the translated text will appear on your device. The pen has the ability to translate over 40 languages including Polish, Albanian, Brazilian, Portuguese and Romanian.

(Source: ACE Infinity Solutions)

It does not only have its applications in academics but also can also be used for business applications. It can be used as a cost-effective barcode scanner. Just slide the pen over the barcode to receive detailed information on your screen. One last and an equally useful feature is the text-to-speech function. You can slide the pen over the text and the device will read the scanned text back to you.

You can see the device in action in the video below:


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