This $9,000 Swiss Army Knife On Amazon Has The Most Funny Reviews

Swiss Army knife is a very common tool and is almost found in every household. The reason is that they are inexpensive, portable and handy in an emergency. Although this $9,000 Swiss Army knife on Amazon might be useful, it is none of those things.

It boasts 147 functions with 87 different implements and you can use it for literally anything from scaling a fish to coring an apple. The knives are usually used when you need to do something quickly and unless you spend hours and hours memorizing where every tool is located, you might not be able to find the right tool at the right time.

Besides the product itself, the reviews on Amazon are perhaps more intriguing. Take a look, as the people have given the hilarious reviews seen on Amazon.

(Source: Interesting Engineering)

Another man says.

(Source: Interesting Engineering)

Another poor woman was out-lawyered by the amazing knife.

(Source: Bored Panda)

It is the perfect partner.

(Source: Notey)

Sounds like an interesting product indeed.

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