Check Out This Beautiful Luxury Tree House Hidden Away In An African Forest

This is probably the most luxurious tree house you will ever see. Hidden in the serene African forest, this House Paarman in Cape Town redefines the word “living in style.” The one bedroom getaway is designed by South African studio Malan Vorster and is an elevated compact cabin that blends within the tree canopy and offers breathtaking views of the exquisite landscape in the surrounding.

Images by Adam Letch and Mickey Hoyle

The freestanding House Paarman is constructed out of four cylindrical trunk style steel pillar units symbolizing trees. This is accompanied by branch-like beams and circular rings that support the floors above. The four cylindrical units are arranged in a pin-wheel layout around a square base. The tree house’s columns, arms, and rings are laser-cut from Corten steel plate. Western red cedar covers the building which is left alone to develop a patina over time.

Images by Adam Letch and Mickey Hoyle

The architects detail the design as follows,

“Inspiration was drawn from the timber cabins of Horace Gifford and Kengo Kuma’s notions of working with the void or in-between space, while Louis Kahn’s mastery of pure form and the detailing ethic of Carlo Scarpa informed a process of geometric restraint and handcrafted manufacturing.”

Images by Adam Letch and Mickey Hoyle

The architect’s attention to detail is evident everywhere which is designed using ample glazing giving it a sense of brightness. Hand-turned brass components are used to form connections between the vertical steel elements and the horizontal timber elements. Furniture such as bed and cabinetry are made out of solid oak, and the use of natural materials reinforces a connection with nature.

Images by Adam Letch and Mickey Hoyle

The House Paarman hosts a living space on the first floor, a solitary bedroom on the second, and a roof deck to enjoy your evenings. The floors are connected via sculptural staircase and a plant room made beneath the ground floor. The house also includes a patio, dining alcove, bathroom, and built-in seat.

All Images by Adam Letch and Mickey Hoyle.


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