Chesapeake Bay Is The Scariest Bridge In The U.S. That Will Leave You With Panic Attacks

While China still rules the roost for the highest bridge ever, this one takes the cake for being the scariest one, at least in the USA. The Chesapeake Bay Bridge is something people with height phobia, like me, would avoid at all costs!

Commonly known as the “Bay Bridge,” this is a major dual-span bridge in the state of Maryland, US. It stretches over the Chesapeake Bay and connects the state’s rural Eastern Shore region with the urban Western Shore.

Pic Credits: newsinc

This monster was originally opened in 1952 and currently stands at 200 feet height at its tallest point, spanning more than four miles in length!

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But besides it height, the Chesapeake Bay Bridge is special from an engineering and architecture standpoint as well!

WTOP News correspondent shed light on how this bridge is unique and remarkable, He said,

“In 1947, the General Assembly, under the leadership of Governor Lane, passed legislation to begin bridge construction. Construction on the bridge began in 1949 and opened to traffic on July 30, 1952. The construction cost was $45 million. At that time, it was the longest continuous over-water steel structure and third longest bridge in the world… The Bay Bridge is 186 feet high at its highest point – high enough to accommodate ocean-going vessels and ships – and to give passengers a bird’s eye view of some beautiful scenery.”

Pic Credits: corbis

So the $45 million steel and concrete beast allows a full fledged ship pass under it while 60,000+ cars pass over it per day! Bonkers isn’t it!

Watch the video below to view the astonishing work of engineering.

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  1. Bill Reply

    Like many people in our region, I am accustomed to driving across the Confederation Bridge between New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island without difficulty. It’s 13 km (9 miles) long. Most of the roadway is 30 metres (131 feet) above average water level. At the ship channel, it is 40 metres (197 feet) above average water level.

  2. Beverly Reply

    Will be going to cross this again on Thursday this will be my 10th time one time I cross it got stuck in the middle do to a accident that was scary but made it when I cross it I just look straightforward can not look at the bay lol

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