Photographer Captures The Beautiful Symmetry In Design Of Libraries Around the World

As the world seemingly panders to offensive humor and inappropriate crazy items, there remains a sanctuary for people to get away from the madness and immerse into the sea of enlightenment and knowledge. Yes, I am talking about libraries; the holiest of sites for people who love to read and learn.

Biblioteca Joanina, Coimbra, 1728

Paris-based photographer Thibaud Poirer also displayed his reverence for the place in his latest masterful project ‘Libraries’, where he wields the magic of his camera to capture astounding glimpses inside some of the world’s unique reading rooms.

Biblioteca Casanatense, Rome, 1701

Like his past masterpieces, Libraries depict the intrinsic beauty and symmetry of some of the largest and most elaborate libraries in the world. Libraries like Bibliothèque de la Sorbonne in Paris, France, and Biblioteca Joanina in Coimbra, Portugal represent classical architecture and aesthetics. Other libraries, like Germany’s Grimm Zentrum Library and Stadtbibliothek, are a testimony to a modern design, but each design represents deep historic and cultural significance.

El Ateneo, Buenos Aires, 1919


“I have spent most of my life experiencing other cities and cultures across the world,” he explains on his website. “I’ve been called to Buenos Aires, Houston, Montreal, and Tokyo home to name a few.”

Stadtbibliothek, Stuttgart, 2011

He has covered all the libraries of these cities for his collection ‘Libraries’ to show his love for the sites.

Poirer has a Canon 6D camera with 17mm and 24mm TS-E lenses in his armory to capture the amazing shots, and the photographer says that the equipment helps him to:

“control perspective for architectural shots and to create un-distorted panoramas with optimal image quality.”

Trinity College Library, Dublin, 1732

Learn more about Poirer’s work on his website here.

Grimm Zentrum Library, Berlin, 2009
Bibliothèque de l’Hotel de Ville de Paris, Paris, 1890
Bibliothèque de la Sorbonne, Salle Jacqueline de Romilly, Paris, 1897
Bibliothèque Sainte-Geneviève, Paris, 1850
Palàcio Nacional de Mafra, Mafra, 1755

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