Improve Your Wifi Signals At Home With This Smart Wall

Are you someone who has to see the browsers more often than the people around you? Or your office work demands hundreds of emails being sent and received. Even if you are a YouTube freak catching up with the latest videos uploaded. Either way, you must be irritated enough from the extra buffering? Or might be tired of reloading the page several times before you could focus on the actual content. Feeling a need to throw off your router for not meeting your demands? Though, you do have the alternatives of WiFi boosters and mesh networks. But now, researchers have dug up more options.

Bringing to the limelight by a team of researchers from MIT is RFocus, a smart surface to cater to all your router and WiFi problems. All you need to do is to stick these surfaces somewhere in the house and boom! It can boost up your internet ten times more. The trick behind is to focus the signals scattered around, to their respective devices, playing the role of a lens. So, no more 2 or 3 bars now.

Peeking into the technology behind, these surfaces behave either as a lens or a mirror, converging the radio signals to the right devices. Via the technique, the median signal strength rises a great fold, thus improving the median channel capacity.

Worried about how much heavy it would be in your pocket? Well, it’s a better deal than buying those alternative systems and fixing them up in your house. Not only the cost, it is way better in power consumption than other devices.

The researchers haven’t announced the final date of commercially releasing the product. The studies are under process to further improve the surface before being marketed. But indeed, it is a good decision to be considered especially if you’re someone who needs the internet by your side.   

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