Honda’s Miimo Robotic Lawnmower Will Take Care Of All Your Gardening Needs

We covered a lawn mower cum snow shovel a few months back, but if you think that too requires too much manual work, here’s a Roomba for your garden that will make you forget all your mowing worries.

The Honda Miimo is a robotic lawnmower that doesn’t require any human supervision or intervention to work. The lawnmower has three main cutting modes; Random, Directional or Mixed. The random method can be used in large, open areas or along a boundary wire. The directional pattern is for narrower lawns, and mixed is a mixture of the two, changing as per the requirements.

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The height of the blades can also be adjusted according to your lawn’s needs using a phone app or a customized remote control. The robot can almost work intelligent as it is fully equipped with sensors to avoid obstacles like a pet or a kid. Low voltage wires need to be installed to create barriers for your mower while the grass clippings are deposited back onto the lawn after the mowing session as fertilizer.

The Miimo has a run time of 30 to 70 minutes before it needs to return to its discreet recharging station. Miimo is also equipped with an alarm in case someone tries to pick it unexpectedly.


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Miimo seems to good to be true that is until you read the price tag. The contraption sells for a whopping $4,299, and their “cheaper” versions like the Robomow cost $1,299 and the Worx Landroid costs $999.

Shelling out this much dough might seem a huge ask, but for its buyers, it’s certainly not more than waking every weekend to mow the lawn manually!

You can learn more about Miimo here.

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