Youtuber Creates A Homemade Gun That Can Tear Through A Case Of Wine Glasses

YouTube’s Giaco Whatever has made it a habit of terrifying us with homemade guns, which look more dangerous than the real ones. Now, apparently, he has come up with an automatic BB gun bearing a 4,000 PSI air tank which makes it easily one of the most dangerous homemade guns out there! So while it is all fun and games to watch, we certainly don’t advise you ever to try and replicate the madness all on your own. Consider it our public service message!

The BB gun shoots some awesome footage, blasting through a line of wine glasses at 4,000 frames per second that serves as a hangover celebration from the fireworks on the weekend. The video also demonstrates the sheer danger of the experiment, as the shot tears through all the safety barriers the creator built. We repeat, we must reiterate it again at the risk of being called an obsessive grandmother, you shouldn’t build this one for yourself!

The experiment starts with shooting three coca cola cans from this homemade gun into oblivion, but that is nothing when compared to the sheer artistic footage shot when breaking down the case of wine classes using the high-speed BB gun pellets. No wonder this guy’s channel is fast on its way to getting to 500k subscribers!

There’s a debate between the viewers that whether such experiments be condoned or published since they create very dangerous weapons. And with the situation being particularly bad in the USA because of the countless instances of cops shooting down people for mistaking fake guns as real, this is a valid concern. But the reality is, such YouTube channels don’t get their views from the gun or weapon lovers. People just want to see something unique and mesmerizing, and if it’s a BB gun breaking wine glasses into millions of pieces, it’s fine by them. The problem lies with the offenders, i.e. the cops and their training, but not the people who are are not even hurting or threatening anyone.

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