Watch Google’s Cool Offices Around The World In These Photos

Many of us dream to become employees of top notch companies like Google, Amazon, and Facebook. Anyone joining Google has to be drooling over their cool offices providing in-house massage rooms, free gourmet food, sleep pods, and what not. Of all the campuses, the Mountain View headquarters Googleplex have been declared the coolest, but the rest of them are no less either.

With all these photos of Google offices around the globe, we have brought you the proof.

Egg-shaped pods as meeting rooms in Google Zurich, Switzerland Office

Peter Wurmili

Tunnel Meeting Room in Zurich Office

This is great unless you are claustrophobic.

REUTERS/Arnd Wiegmann

In the Zurich Office you can play basketball inside

Camenzind Evolution

The relaxing colorful space in the Dublin Office

Camenzind Evolution

This Harry Potter-ish Library in Dublin Office

Peter Würmli, Camenzind Evolution

The cafeteria in Washington Headquarters

Ted S. Warren/AP

Rock climbing right there. Because, why not?

Stephen Brashear/Getty

Citroen 2CV car inside the Paris Office

Why though?

Jacques Brinon/AP

Foosball and Arcade games in Chicago office

M. Spencer Green/AP

Blocks are definitely not just for kids

Chip Somodevilla/Getty

These super comfy hanging pods

M. Spencer Green/AP

The wood paneled room in Moscow office with table tennis and foosball tables

Camenzind Evolution

Venice Beach office with custom designed pool tables and vintage arcade games

Lucy Nicholson/Reuters

Oh, and the entrance is through a giant binocular pair

Lucy Nicholson/Reuters

Miniature roof golf in the Toronto office

Mark Blinch/Reuters

And the music room with classy turntables

Mark Blinch/Reuters

On campus sand volleyball for the Mountain View employees

Justin Sullivan/Getty

This amazing nap pod

Reuters/Erin Siegal

The lap pool for whenever you want to take a dip

Reuters/Erin Siegal

You may not want to walk on foot inside the massive New York campus

Reuters/Erin Siegal

The DC office has an entire floor map of the Capitol

Mark Wilson/Getty

The amazing rock climbing wall in the Ontario, Canada office

Peter Power/Reuters

And their library just needs no words

Peter Power/Reuters

A hidden room behind the shelves

A reader’s true heaven.

Peter Power/Reuters



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