Watch This Guy Overclock An Intel Processor To 7Ghz Using Liquid Nitrogen

All chipsets and processors come with a specified speed rating, but some of them allow you to get even better performance by overclocking the system. Processors these days are made good enough that even their nominal speed rates are much lower than what they can bear. Overclocking your system will definitely make it faster and even save you some money if you do it the right way.

There are a few things to remember when you decide to overclock your system. One, it voids your warranty, two, it may destroy your CPU, motherboard, or even system memory. However, many of the new processors allow for overclocking, one of them is the Intel Z270 Chipset that was released recently.

These guys from HWBOT, a site dedicated to overclocking, attempted to overclock the Z270 up to 7 Giga-Hertz using liquid nitrogen. Watch how they do it so neatly without bringing the system even remotely near to burning. Oh, and it takes way more than just liquid nitrogen.

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