Here’s How You Can Protect Your Plants From Snails Using A 9V Battery And Copper Tape

Snails were not harmed during the making of this video, although it stands that they were pretty much irritated with the whole experiment.

If you are into growing your own vegetables or if you are a plant lover, this might be something of your interest. The new method will ensure that your produced greens are safe from snails.

The Youtube channel DIY Perks brings us a novel method that he experimented with to ensure that his grown tomatoes are safe from these pesky creatures. The trick is so smart and could be applied to your own plants with ease.

The method uses the snail’s excreted slime against them. Sounds convincing? Seeing is believing, and you should see for yourself. Their produced slime is mildly conductive; he places a copper tape around his tomato pots and connects the terminals of a 9V battery to it. This makes it that when snails attempt to attack the tomato plants, their body completes the circuit, and the produced current irritates them, making them retreat for good.

You don’t need to worry if you are sensitive at heart. The video’s description clearly states that none of the snails were harmed during the experiment.

He even called his method more humane, which doesn’t hurt the poor snails while also keeping them away from your home-grown plants. He says that it is better to do this rather than poisoning the poor creature. So enjoy watching, while learning a new friendly method which ensures a win-win situation.

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