Here Are Some Cool Christmas Decoration Ideas For This Holiday Season

Ranging from simple crafts to complex projects, the list contains all that you need to stay festive this season.

It is the Christmas season, and the whole world is ready for mass beautification. Streets and houses are decorated with bells, stockings, candles, candy canes, wreaths, all sized Santas, and the most important Christmas Trees.

The year 2020 has been difficult on everyone, and we see life and all the fun we have together as even more important than ever before, as now we know the true worth of it after quarantining for almost a year. For the fun holidays, we have got you some of the jolliest ideas for Christmas celebrations with your loved ones.

These are some of the last-minute decorations that add much to the Christmas look. Primarily, the focus was to fulfill the needs of STEM enthusiasts.

While Christmas is all about enjoyment, fun, and games, this list will also help you learn some of the jolliest decoration tricks.

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Here are some of the fun, fancy and jolliest Christmas decoration ideas quickly done with ease. And to say the least, they are light on the pocket.

1. Create a chemical reaction Christmas tree

You will need basic household items for this experiment, which is a little chemistry fun too. Things you need include baking soda, green food dye, dish soap, and vinegar.

These products go through a process that could form a fizzy-bubbly mess. The Christmas tree-shaped mold created for the project will also turn down to a total mess, but it is a good way to make your children learn how some basic acids react with each other.

2. Teach coding while coloring 

One place for these decorations could be your fridge. Coloring is one of the fun activities of children’s childhood.  Moreover, it can be a strong educational tool.

In this, the children will color a Christmas tree with an unusual set of rules. The printable coloring page contains ASCII binary and decimal codes as the key to the colors. While the kids are coloring, they are continuously learning more about the basic ideas behind the computers.

 3. Recycle your caps to create snowmen

You would need recycled coke bottle caps for this project to create your little Christmas ornaments with only using glue, markers, and ribbons. We know that it is easy to buy Christmas decorations, but it is far more fun making them yourself.

4. Make your own winter playdough

Another favorite childhood activity is playing with playdough. Now you can make your own this winter. All you need is flour, cream of tartar, food coloring, salt, and vegetable oil. The process in no-time will get you with your own winter playing dough to make Christmas decorations.

5. Scrabble Tile Ornament

If some of the letters of your scrabble are lost already, try to write something festive. Keep the spirits up. You surely will figure out something with the letters that remain. This might be one of the laziest Christmas decoration ideas, but it is not bad at all and could add to your last-minute arrangements.

6. Create a fake chimney for Santa Claus

If you could arrange same-sized cargo boxes, convert them into the shape of a chimney. The next step is to paint them like bricks, and it would be all set to go. Although, if anyone burns a fire under it could lead to a disaster, be cautious of that.

7. Cover your window with coffee-filter snowflakes

This idea might serve at large if you happen to be an engineer. If you have some spare coffee filters lying around, you could use them to cut symmetric shapes and patterns in simple steps.

8. Create geometrically accurate Christmas Cookies

You wouldn’t have seen these Christmas sweets ever before. By making these, you will be practicing geometry and spatial skills. You can now make your own tangram puzzle cookies, but make sure that they taste good as they don’t seem to be sweet; at least they should taste like it.

9. Design a STEM Christmas tree

This Christmas decoration idea comes with a great feature that it glows in the dark. To complete this, you would have to build a salt circuit that glows. The secret to the glow is created with a common glue with the dark glue.

10. Make tinkering Christmas decorations

This project looks seemingly simple, and there is something minimally pretty about these Christmas trees. The project involves great learning for children. All you need is some bolts, nuts, and washers to complete building the silver tree. And sure, it could be painted to any color you desire.

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