Guy From Florida Flies Aircraft In Circles Using An Excavator

The operator of this excavator had the time of his life while he took the aircraft for one last ride. He must be making some crazy plane noises as a 5-year-old would.

We all have heard that some people never grow up. The transition is only that their toys get bigger and more expensive, given their personalities are fun-loving, and that remains constant with age. A guy from Florida that perfectly matches this fun-loving personality description used his excavator to grab a plane and had fun flying it in circles.

The video was posted on Instagram by a user vice aviator, who works for the aviation industry. It has been making rounds on the internet and has attracted loads of attention because of its delighting and unusual nature. The video is viral on social media for the past couple of days, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit.

The Aircraft Went For One Last Ride

The aviation guy filmed the video at Opa-Locka Executive Airport situated in Miami, Florida. The initial post’s description states that he saw there to look for a Boeing 707, which was scrapped recently, and found the operator taking it for a fun ride.

The operator’s identity was kept unknown, and the idea of sharing the video was to showcase the serendipity of the act.

The description states, “After leaving the airport this morning after my flight training, I thought of going to the scrapyard to look for the 707 that was scrapped recently. Reaching there, I was unable to find the scrapped aircraft, and when I turned back, I saw it going for the final flight but not as what we take a flight for.

The video has now been re-posted on plenty of social platforms with different fun captions. The posts of the aircraft taking circles have attracted hilarious comments and reactions from all across the globe.

It is certain that the phrase ‘Right on time’ was made for incidences like these. Not a minute early, not a minute later, but he started filming it just about when the operator started to swing the aircraft in circles with the excavator.

Some users had a fascinating take on the footage. One user wrote that he would soon “own a field, buy an excavator, buy an airplane, and will be doing this to spend his time doing this fun thing, swinging the airplane.

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