Here’s How You Can Create An Awesome Wooden Floor Out Of Wood Logs

Amazing Flooring DIY Project 2

Meet Sunny Pettis Lutz and her friend Tony – the duo who went on and created an economical and unique flooring for Sunny’s home by making use of materials that were locally available and thus saved quite a lot of money. The first step was to collect enough wood so that the Lutz’s version of a wooden floor could be created. Sunny resides in Arizona and her flooring is basically created from shaggy bark juniper and alligator bark pine. No living trees were harmed and only dead trees were harvested for this project. The wood removal carried out for this project was in compliance with the Forest Service.

One-inch disks were created by having the cordwood run through a chop saw and were sanded down until they were smooth. The duo then started laying them out on the floor.Amazing Flooring DIY Project

The disks were placed as close to one another as possible and the pieces were glued to the concrete floor.Amazing Flooring DIY Project 2

Floor was swept and mopped before to create a clean surface.

The working was carried out in 2-foot sections to ensure that everything was even.Amazing Flooring DIY Project 3

Took a while, however, the floor was covered completely.Amazing Flooring DIY Project 4

Despite the fact that these pieces had been sanded when they were cut, the whole floor was sanded again using a belt sander to ensure that everything was level and even.

A coat of polyurethane was imparted before application of grout.Amazing Flooring DIY Project 5

This didn’t allow the grout to stick to the wood which would have resulted in the covering of rings and patterns.

Once grout was applied, two further coats of polyurethane were applied.Amazing Flooring DIY Project 6

A mixture of 80% tile grout and 20% sawdust was used. Sunny’s home now looks quite warm and sports a unique floor that amazes all those visiting her. And obviously she gets to beam with pride as she tells them that she did it herself!


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