Guy Drills Holes In A Tire And Creates An Awesome Piece Of Furniture

DIY Ottoman For Your Home 4

Nothing beats kicking your feet up after a tiresome day and drinking a refreshing drink. However, this whole idea can go down the drain if you don’t have a coffee table of perfect height or a footrest at home. However, do not worry. We have a DIY technique that will allow you to create your own footrest and that too without much of an effort. Check it out below.

You’ll need an old tire, some rope, two pieces of wood cut in circles, a drill, some screws, a glue gun and some sealant.DIY Ottoman For Your Home

Clean the tire if it’s used and then place the wood on top and bottom. You’ll have to drill holes at three places.DIY Ottoman For Your Home 2

Secure the wood to the rubber using screws.DIY Ottoman For Your Home 3

Locate the center and start gluing the rope.DIY Ottoman For Your Home 4

Spiral the strand and continue to glue as you work it.DIY Ottoman For Your Home 5

Once you’re at the edge of the wood and tire, make sure you flush them together with skill.DIY Ottoman For Your Home 6

Flip the tire and continue gluing while you place the rope.DIY Ottoman For Your Home 7

Once you hit the bottom piece of the wood, cut the rope off.DIY Ottoman For Your Home 8

Paint some sealant on the rope and once it is dried, apply a second coat as well.DIY Ottoman For Your Home 9

Here you go, a homemade nautical ottoman.DIY Ottoman For Your Home 10


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