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Here’s How You Can Chill Your Drink Within 2 Minutes

Having ice cold drinks waiting for you in the fridge when your heart desires is the best feeling ever. Who would want to come super thirsty from outside and find that there are only warm cans left for you at the back of the pantry. Or just before the game starts you go to grab a few beers only to return disappointed, hear-broken  and with a warm can of beer. Well after you get over this life-altering trauma, you can learn to turn that can in a super chilled one within 2 minutes. No we are not magicians nor any tricksters, but we do know how to use basic scientific principles to get that can freezing cold.

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The concept behind cooling off any beverage really fast is by mixing it very fast with the ice accompanied with exposure to super cold temperatures. Using ice water with salt added is the best way to go, as adding salt to the mixture decreases the melting rate and increases the freezing rate. This allows the ice to get colder, thus enabling the water to remain likewise for a longer period of time.

Watch this video and get a hold of all the details on how to perform this procedure:

Adding salt to ice water to keep the water cold and increase the freezing rate is usually seen when making and mixing ice cream, but generally it is a handy technique when you are looking to transfer the cold thermal energy in the water to another object. Since the freezing rate is enhanced at the cost of the melting rate, a greater amount of thermal energy is transferred to the warmer object.

[Image Source: DaveHax]
Cooling drinks this way is incredibly effective as after merely 2 minutes, the temperature change of the drink was 19 degree Celsius, which is some drop! This cooling technique will work on virtually any glass or plastic bottle as well, just make sure you have a bowl big enough to hold the mixture. Even if you don’t have any ice of urgent basis, you can wrap your drink in a cold paper towel or tissues and place it in the freezer. This is a little slower and will take about 10 minutes, but will get your drink nice and cold.

Have any other nifty tricks to cool off the drinks in a hurry?

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