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This Engineer Has Taught His Loud Neighbours A Lesson That They Will Never Forget

What goes around comes around folks and this guy has proved it. Say hello to Matthew Br, a YouTuber who got so irritated after his new neighbours starting blasting music through his walls that he had to create a new gadget to even the playing grounds.

He says, “Recently we’ve had some noisy neighbours next door that had been playing loud music through the walls and I want to show off my device to you that I’ve come up with to get them back.”

The gadget detects the recurring noise that is loud via microphone that is attached to the shared wall between two neighbours. Once it detects music being played at high volume, it starts a CD player to let the neighbours have a taste of their own medicine. Matthew has burned a CD labelled as ‘Annoying Songs’ for the CD player to play. The songs include the Baha Men’s ‘Who Let the Dogs Out’.

Although the device is pure ingenuity, we would suggest that you take such matters to the person involved in order to keep your relation with the neighbours on good terms. Check out the video below about this amazing device and how it works.