Chill Your Drink In Just 60 Seconds Using Chill-O-Matic


It’s time for your team’s weekly game. You’ve got everything ready, from picking up your favorite snacks to calling in your pals. Time to take out that rack of beers, but wait, WHAT! You forgot to put them inside the refrigerator, and now you are doomed to sipping the mediocrity of luke warm drink throughout the game while bearing your friends’ “edgy” remarks on how you have ruined their entire lives!

That would be the case if you have never heard of Chill-O-Matic! Waiting around for your drinks to get cold will be a thing of the past with this portable device. Chill-O-Matic claims to turn any room temperature drink can into a chilling one within 60 seconds!

The plastic device uses two AA batteries and is being sold for $12.50. It submerges the can in an ice bath while spinning it at high speeds. And despite the quick spin, the soda or beer can doesn’t lose its taste, is never fizzy and you can simply snap open the can and enjoy the chilly goodness right away!



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