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Here’s How You Can Build Your Own Tandoori Oven At Home

Food automatically becomes more delicious when you cook it in a tandoor. Although getting yourself a tandoor oven might seem impossible, it isn’t entirely so. This guy made use of a garbage can, some garden pots and a few other items from the garage to build himself a tandoori oven. Check out the project below and let us know what you think of it.

You will need a diamond-tipped blade, angle grinder, masonry bit, drill, three terra-cotta pots, metal trash bin, gloves and vermiculite.

He built air-intake holes in the bottom of a pot using the drill.

The same was done with the trash can.

He cut the bottom off of a pot roughly and had it placed upside down in the bin.

The pot that sported the holes in the bottom was placed atop it and then the third pot (with bottom completely removed) completed the terra-cotta tower inside the bin.

The coals will eventually sit here.

Next he poured vermiculite in around the pots. It served as an insulator.

The bottom of the pot now serves as the top.

Voila – Tandoori Oven is all set to go.