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Here’s How You Can Make An Awesome Key Safe From A Wooden Log

One of the worst feelings you can experience is realizing that you have successfully managed to lock yourself out of your own house. Your options are quite limited; calling the locksmith and paying a huge sum of money. We have an amazing DIY project for you to look at and eventually try out that can help you manage in keeping an extra key out of your home while ensuring that it remains concealed from prying eyes. Go on check out the details below and let us know what you think of it.

Find a wooden log.

Drill two holes into the log that are about three-quarters of the way deep.

Cut the log horizontally.

Add two 3/8-inch dowels into the holes that you have just drilled.

Make use of a router to impart a hole in your log depending upon the size of the key.

Place your key inside the hole and set the other log half on top – You’re done. Your lifesaver has been hidden from the world.