Here’s A Simple Solution to Resolving All The Traffic Woes

traffic solution

I am yet to meet a person who thinks that he/she isn’t the best driver in the world! But the question is, if everyone is so incredibly awesome why do we have to deal with the unabating and unyielding traffic jams?

YouTuber CGP Grey brings us a simple explanation to solving the mystery of slow traffic and inefficient intersections, which points out people’s bad driving habits such as tailgating, inattentiveness on traffic signals and not keeping a safe distance while driving as the main culprits.

China Has Some Of The Most Insane Traffic Jams On This Planet

The video ends with suggesting that since “monkey drivers” can never be expected to clean up their act, converting all cars into self-driving ones that can coordinate with each other at the speed of light is the only solution to resolving our traffic woes.

Watch the video below to learn the etiquettes of driving! This must be shown in every school!

Don’t know about you guys, but when I stay in the middle maintaining a “safe distance” with the other cars as mentioned, another douchebag comes and occupies that “safe distance.” One just wishes to have this bad ass SUV so you can just drive over traffic!

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