This Is How A Pair Of Faded Jeans Are Made Using A Laser Machine


Probably not as crazy as the see-through jeans, nor as dumb as the fake mud ones, nevertheless faded jeans are also a great way to “flaunt” your single digit IQ score. I, for the love of goodness, fail to understand why people buy ripped and faded jeans in the first place, but I guess anything goes in the eternal struggle to be “cool”!

While the easiest and certainly cheaper way to make a pair of faded or ripped jeans is to take a stone and rub it on the pants until your heart’s desire, this 50-second video by LasX shows how these designs are made industrially using lasers!

Previously, manufacturers used stone washing to fade the jeans and sell them for higher prices, but now they have digitalized industrial process to create the worn-out effect as seen in the LaserSharp Denim HD Abrasion System.

According to Denim, the abrasion system uses 2,500 Watts of power to create authentic fade patterns on the jeans that are up to 50dpi in depth. The Denim HD system is used in large-scale production systems and takes merely a minute to fade (ruin) a pair of jeans!


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