China Has Some Of The Most Insane Traffic Jams On This Planet

traffic jam china

We all have been stuck in crazy traffic jams in our lives. We don’t know who to curse, we don’t know who to blame – but we do it anyway. Most of our wrath is bore by our car’s horn and the steering wheel, so much so that it comes under the risk of being torn apart from the car itself. Blood pressure rising, anger veins popping out of everywhere and you wish either your car could fly away from the fiasco, or a meteor hits this crazy planet and ends it once and for all!

Well take these feelings, multiply them ten folds and you will know how the Chinese people feel with their traffic jams. Take a look at one of the craziest traffic jams in the history of China, and you will feel nothing but pity and sorrow for your fellow drivers!

This particular traffic jam occurred near Beijing when people returned home from vacation, due to a new checkpoint on the other side of the road. This was Carmageddon for sure!

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