Here’s A List Of Nine Things You Should Never Microwave

Here’s A List Of Nine Things You Shouldn’t Microwave!

The microwave is one of the best gadgets of all time! You get to save a considerable amount of time by simply making use of a microwave to heat your food. However, while the microwave is an amazing device for heating your food; there are some objects and food that you shouldn’t attempt to heat in a microwave. We have put together a list of such nine items. Check out the list below and let us know what you think of it;

Microwaving Grapes Creates Plasma

Why do you want to microwave grapes is beyond us; however; it is definitely not a great idea. Grapes are made up mostly of water, but the waxy skin and shape cause them to become plasma balls upon being microwaved. This can cause sparks jumping between the grapes and causing irreparable damage to your microwave.

Hot Peppers

Here’s A List Of Nine Things You Shouldn’t Microwave!

You might think that heating hot peppers will help you get dried peppers quicker, but you couldn’t be more wrong. Peppers are known to release a chemical that is called capsaicin when they are heated to a high temperature. This is more commonly known as pepper spray! The same stuff that is used for dispersing angry mobs or for self-defense. The gas will leave the microwave and spread in the room.

Light Bulbs Are Also A Big No

When you attempt to microwave the light bulb, it causes sparks within the bulb thus causing the uneven heating of the glass of the bulb. The whole experiment will end with the bulb breaking. The sparks can lead to an explosion as well as ruining your microwave. If the bulb being microwaved is fluorescent; toxic vapors will follow the explosion.

Eggs That Are Still In Shell

Here’s A List Of Nine Things You Shouldn’t Microwave!

You can heat egg yolk or whites in a microwave without worrying about a thing. However, microwaving eggs in shells will wreak havoc in your microwave. They heat up much faster, and the shells help them to build up the pressure. In short, this will create an egg bomb that will not only make a mess inside your device but might also damage it.

CDs And DVDs Don’t Work Well With Heat Too!

Yes, we have all heard the rumors about how you get to enjoy mesmerizing plasma display and unique visuals by microwaving a CD/DVD. However, refrain from attempting to heat your CDs or DVDs. Not only is it a fire hazard, but you might also end up with toxic fumes apart from risking causing damage to your microwave. CDs have an aluminum coating that doubles up as an antenna for microwave radiation resulting in the creation of plasma and generating sparks.

Avoid Aluminum Foil As Well

Here’s A List Of Nine Things You Shouldn’t Microwave!

You should never microwave food that is completely covered with aluminum foil. According to US Department of Agriculture (USDA), Food Safety and Inspection Service offers some guidance on the matter; use small amounts of aluminum, make sure that the foil is unwrinkled, and covers less than 1/4th of the total surface area.

Styrofoam Containers Are Poisonous When Heated

Here’s A List Of Nine Things You Shouldn’t Microwave!

Styrofoam contains plastic and microwaving; it is a terrible idea. It will begin to melt or change shape. The process itself is not an issue but the byproducts – toxic chemicals – are. These chemicals can seep into your food and cause all kinds of damage.

Sauces That Don’t Have Lids

Here’s A List Of Nine Things You Shouldn’t Microwave!

It isn’t dangerous per se, but it will spoil your day and the food you are about to consume. The sauces usually explode and create a humongous mess inside your microwave.

There’s No Point In Microwaving Oil

Here’s A List Of Nine Things You Shouldn’t Microwave!

There’s no need to bother microwaving oil. Oil is mostly fat instead of water. Even after a few minutes of microwaving, the oil will become luke-warm at best.

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