What Is Inside An $8,000 Rolex? This Guy Finds Out

You all know about the ‘What’s Inside’ YouTube channel, right? The channel is focused on finding out what is inside an item. A team of father and son carry out these experiments and film them for our viewing pleasures. Today’s featured video is about the duo taking apart an $8,000 Rolex using a Dremel for seeing what is inside.

What Is Inside An $8,000 Rolex? Find Out Here!

In a follow-up video, the duo sent the broken up watch to another YouTuber, Cody’s Lab, for analyzing the materials inside the watch. Coming to the YouTube user Cody’s Lab, this channel is all about materials and chemistry. Cody is basically a mad scientist kind of person that specializes in chemistry and materials. He was able to break the $8,000 Rolex down into individual elements including diamonds, silver, and gold.

You can see in the video by Cody how he makes use of a variety of tools including X-ray gun along with the old-fashioned force to separate the materials and analyze them. Once he had separated all of the materials, he bundled them together nicely and posted them back to Dan and Lincoln – the father and son duo that runs What’s Inside.

What Is Inside An $8,000 Rolex? Find Out Here!

Once they received the package from Cody, the team made another video where they can be seen unpacking the small packages of melted down metal and being excited about the whole process. Cody was also kind enough to calculate the value of the base materials. You will be surprised to know that according to his calculations, the Rolex that is worth $8,000 has about $500 worth of metals and the diamonds. That is about ten percent of the shelf price of the watch.

What Is Inside An $8,000 Rolex? Find Out Here!

Are you also curious about what is inside expensive and weird items? If yes, then you can subscribe to the What’s Inside YouTube channel and see videos such as the following where the duo shows us what’s inside a Rolex watch.

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