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Here Is How A 53 Million Dollar Jet Looks Like From The Inside

The Embraer Lineage is one of the best luxury jets money can buy. A whopping 53 million $ is the price quoted for a jet means that it has to be designed for people who are used to the ultimate luxury and comfortable space in their lives. But, many times we ask ourselves, what is the concept of ultimate luxury? On land, there might not be a limit to luxury and space since there are fewer regulations and limitations. A plane, on the other hand, has many design and spatial constraints that make it impossible to provide every kind of luxury. For example, the clients of this cadre really wanted a fireplace on board the airplane, and Federal Aviation Authority rubbished the idea no matter how safe design the company came up with.

Another major restriction is related to space. Since private jets are operated from personal airfields and they don’t have the capacity to land and take-off larger planes, space inside the aircraft is limited to a certain size and that makes it a challenge for the manufacturers. But despite the limited space, the Embraer 1000E has an impressive 800 square feet of living space. The width is amazing and reminds us of the luxury train coaches that were popular once. The interior designing is the best we have ever seen with the best quality leather, silk and wool used for all of the five interior zones. Clients can make requests for particular things to be made and no matter how ridiculous it may sound, the company tries its best to meet it. They spend countless hours perfecting their design while accommodating constant feedback from the client. The result is possibly the best luxury jet you can ever dream.

Here is the plane’s cockpit from the inside. Looks a like futuristic gaming console.

You must appreciate the level of interior designing to extract the maximum from the limited space.

There is a 42-inch LED TV that doesn’t need to be stored for take-off and landing as it is quite stable. The advent of Apple TV, Airplay, Wi-Fi and others means that people can watch TV seamlessly just like their own living room.

A squashy queen-sized bed would be fantastic to experience particularly on a long journey over the Atlantic since those stiff seats in the coach leave us with cramps every time we travel. An ultimate luxury I would say!

No need for you to cramp inside a small airline washroom. How about this for a change? It also has the largest shower available in the industry. All of this makes us feel normal and not stranded inside a pressurized cylinder. The shower can be used at 41,000 feet, and an ample number of windows provide sunlight for you as well.

The future of private aviation is awesome. This futuristic concept from the company shows how the number of windows around the plane is expected to increase in the future and how it will provide much better visibility. Technology can also be used to provide an illusion of space, but there is no substitute for natural view I guess.

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