The New Infinito Airbus Jet Comes With A Full Sky View Roof

Traveling is fun but air travel, not so much. The first time you fly in an airplane, you might find it exciting, but for all other times, the journey is very uneventful, unless you meet scary turbulence up there. There are some of us who can barely afford air travel, but for the wealthy ones, the experience needs to be as luxurious as it can get and Airbus wants to comply with your luxury needs. The aerospace company just announced a new jet that will make you feel like you are at a country club with the luxury seating, a massive flat screen TV, an extravagant dining area, but that is not even the best thing of all.

The jet goes by the name ‘ACJ319neo’, and we can not really explain why anyone would call it that, but ‘Infinito’ is the better sounding name for the craft that boasts a ceiling that will give you a spectacular view of the sky. You won’t even imagine wanting a window seat ever, would you? The Infinito was built in a collaboration between Airbus and Italian hypercar maker Pagani.

The luxury loaded craft has an interior furnished with leather, carbon fiber, and wood. The dining area can seat six people at once, and so can the lounge room with the large TV screen. Sections of the cabin are separated by glass walls accented with lights from the floor to the ceiling.

The roof above the Infinito looks like it is glass but can you imagine how the amount of sunlight going in would pierce through your skin? Well, the aircraft designers are not dumb at all, the ceiling, in fact, is a massive display that can show whatever you want, including the live view of the sky overhead. So there are no safety concerns with the design, and you would be getting a beautiful view and enjoy your journey to the fullest.

The design and features sound like something that would best suit a personal craft but if you do not want one, you can have a luxury ride, once in a while.

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