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Eyes Of Maria Oz Have The Internet Divided – Fake Or Real?

This is Maria Oz, a young Ukrainian visual artist and a model with unusually large eyes. Her eyes are so unusually large that the Internet is divided; one group claims that they are real, whereas the other claims that they are not.

Out of 117,000 Instagram followers of Maria Oz, most are convinced that she has the largest eyes in the world. If we are honest, they do look quite big, at least in some of her pictures. This has given rise to the other group that is sure that she is using editing software for changing her appearances.

This line of thinking does hold some water because Maria oz is a self-described visual artist who actually posts edited pictures of herself sometimes either with an extremely long neck or with eyes of different colors. She, however, has reportedly claimed that her eyes are actually this big in real life and that she has not edited them. Maria Oz recently told during an interview that she started taking pictures in 2016 after her appendix was removed. Her first idea of fighting boredom was to cook, but that didn’t really pan out, especially because she wasn’t allowed to eat much.

She ended up trying and photography and video instead. She says that her skills improved over time, and she started posting them on Instagram. She does point out that success didn’t happen overnight but rather gradually. Coming back to her eyes, Maria Oz is not exactly much bothered by critics who accuse her of fake pictures. She is an accomplished model that has worked with brands such as Elle Magazine, Bulgari, and Atlas, and is looking to build a career in video creation and illustration.

You can check out some of her posts below and determine for yourself if Maria Oz’s eyes are natural or edited. Do let us know what you think!