Facebook Plans To Fix Closed Eye Pictures Using AI

facebook AI

Facebook is continuously upgrading its service and it is adding and removing, even copying, various functionalities in its apps. The company now wants to do a big favor to its users by fixing the close-eye pictures of the users by using AI.

Most of the time, a beautiful selfie or group photo gets rejected because the eyes of a person are closed in it accidentally. This is what Facebook aims to get rid of in the future. Currently, there exist neural networks which are running on machine learning algorithms. The algorithm can open up closed eyes on a picture by replacing it with eyes of someone with a similar pair of eyes. The process doesn’t guarantee the desired result, however, it can give somewhat satisfactory results.

Facebook plans to use another AI algorithm called exemplar generative adversarial networks (ExGANs). It will collect data on normal days and gather pictures of people who are in question instead of collecting the pictures of random people on the internet. Facebook has the largest collection of people’s picture and is already using face detection by using artificial intelligence. Their tech might prove useful to perform the closed eye picture correction. Facebook’s database of user images combined with the power of AI will produce very eye-catching images. So far there are only very few examples in which the tech has demonstrated and the correction of images can be seen.


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