Feel Like Spending Some Serious Money? Check Out This $4 Million Aston Martin Luxury Submarine

When you have the money, you can do pretty much anything anytime. You can even buy the things that you do not need or even want, because, why not? You can own luxury homes in any part of the world, get supercars, motorhomes with Porches, luxury nuclear war hideouts, million dollar mansions for your dogs, yachts, and dozens of cars.

What you may not have considered is buying a submarine. If you have, congratulations, because Aston Martin is now making one for you. You may call it insanity, but the century-old automaker is doing things to amuse themselves and us. Super expensive and powerful luxury sports cars are not enough for everyone, so the company announced that they will now build submarines.

Image: Aston Martin

Codenamed “Project Neptune” was brought to life by a partnership between Aston Martin and Triton Submarine. The project remains at a conceptual stage until now, but the stunning thing looks like a mix of a spaceship with a catamaran.

The initial announcement does not detail the specifications of the project except the partnership. However, the Project Neptune will be built on Triton’s Low Profile three-person platform that carries three passengers in comfort.

We know what you are thinking. What about the speed, depth, range, cost, and more? Sadly, the companies have not given out any details of that yet. Since it is based on Triton’s other three-person submarines, we can get a slight idea. The Triton 1650/3 LP has a speed of three knots and a 12-hour endurance time. It goes to a maximum depth of 500 meters with a payload capacity of 1,210 pounds. The newest Project Neptune is bound to be better than the current version. Why? Project Neptune has two of the top-most companies behind but not one luxury company anymore.

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