Here Is A List Of 15 Cool Things Your iPhone Can Do

People who are hardcore iPhone fans know it pretty well that once you get “addicted” to it, you cannot turn to other options very easily. Whether you talk about its fast processing speed or reliable security features, Apple’s iPhone has a unique way of its own. Here are 15 of the coolest and probably unknown features of iPhone.

1) You can track every location that you once visited

Pic Credits: lifehack
Image Credits: lifehack

If you have enabled “frequent locations” and “improve maps” options in your iPhone along with your GPS, your iPhone has been “creepily” tracking every place you have been to.
Go to settings> privacy> location services> system services to check out your frequent locations.

2) Its performance is truly customizable

Pic Credits: lifehack
Image Credits: lifehack

We all have gone through the mind numbing stutters caused by iOS7 updates. To counter that, you can:
Go to settings> general> accessibility> and turn on the “reduce transparency” option located under “increase contrast.”

In order to increase your phone’s speed, you can turn off the “reduce motion” option. Now you can run your old iPhone seamlessly with all of the software upgrades of iOS7!

3) It can replace your leveling tool

Pic Credits: lifehack
Image Credits: lifehack

Swipe to the left, and you can activate your iPhone’s inbuilt compass. Yearn for perfectly straight edges no more as your iPhone is here to help you out!

4) Its battery lasts forever on airplane mode

Pic Credits: lifehack

Contrary to popular belief, airplane mode can also be used when you are not on a plane. If you are running out of battery and need to conserve it while keeping your phone running, turning on the airplane mode can make your iPhone last longer!


5) It changes the contrast of background images to make text more visible


You finally found a lock screen background that pleases your aesthetic sense while suiting your personality. However, you can’t see anything written on the screen now! Well, if you have an iPhone, this won’t be a problem as it will automatically adjust the contrast of such images to make the text clearer.

6) Take a picture using the volume buttons


We all hate that struggle to keep the phone camera steady while trying to press the capture button on the touch screen. Probably not all of us, as iPhone user can even take their pictures using the volume button. Beat that!


7) Spotlight search is quite useful


Usually, people don’t use this feature very often, but it is quite efficient if you ask me. Rather than scrolling through the plethora of deceptive and similar app icons, you can use the Spotlight to type the name and voila, you get the results within nano seconds.


8) Use the built-in back button


Unlike many Android phones, the iPhone has no dedicated back button. To go back to a page, you can just swipe your finger from the left edge of your screen to the right. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

9) Give a custom vibration to your every friend


Tired of the the same old vibration notifications? Well, along with the sound notifications, iPhone users can change the vibrations settings and customize it for different people. To do so:

Go to contacts> find  a name> hit edit in the top right corner> go down to vibration> tap default> tap Create New Vibration.

Your texting buzzers have just been spiced up to a whole new level!


10) Satisfy your impeccable grammar standards


You can now fulfill your life-long dream of using ’em’ or ‘en’ dashes to sound incredibly “edified” while texting somebody. Just hold the dash key, and you’ll get those two as an option. Time to correct your friends even for their wrong usage of dashes (grammar Nazi level: Pro).

11) Take rapid bursts of photos


Taking one picture at a time is never enough, right? There’s always something wrong with the light, or the face, or anything else. Well, you can skip the trouble by enabling the option of taking multiple shots at a time. You can perform this by simply holding down the camera button for a longer time than the usual. This feature works best on the newer iPhones due to their incredible processing speeds. But you can still use this feature on the older ones.


12) Refresh all of your apps all the time

30iPhone#25This is also known as “background app refresh,” and allows all of your apps to update themselves even when you aren’t using them. Your favorite news app will keep on updating and putting latest articles, even when you aren’t actually using the app. But it depends whether you can afford this feature at the additional data and battery consumption cost or not. So if you don’t want this feature, just:

Go to settings> general> background app refresh> swipe it off there.

 13) Siri can read your emails for you


Siri has faced a lot of criticism over the years, but it can be very useful a lot of times. One of those “incredible” things it can do is read your email for you aloud while you are driving or busy somewhere else. Just say “read my latest e-mail” to Siri, and it will start narrating them to you right away.

14) It can delete your mistakes with a simple shake


Just like the Ctrl Z option on the Windows, you can erase anything instantly by shaking your iPhone. Say goodbye to the typos or wrong filter additions to your phones. Just shake it till you erase it!

15) Charge faster using iPad charger


In case you are in a big rush and need to charge your iPhone pronto, you can use an iPad’s charger instead. Since it is rated at 12W as opposed to the iPhone’s 5W, your phone will charge faster.

Have any other cool iPhone “hacks” to share with us? Let us know in the comments’ section below!

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