Here Are 10 Amazing Facts About Trump’s Car That You Did Not Know

Presidents are no ordinary beings, even though they are made up of flesh and bones like the rest of us. Someone who holds the responsibility of an entire country is supposed to have plenty of protocol and privileges. The head of the state in any country, even in the underdeveloped country, has a fleet of cars in his use to ensure ultimate security. Those safe cars are also the most luxurious ones you can imagine. When it comes to the biggest economy in the world, the United States, you are bound to expect something massive for the president.

The president’s fleet of cars is passed on from one president to the other and then customized as per their needs and preferences. The Limousine used by Donald Trump is much beyond the ones used by previous presidents. It may look ordinary on the outside, but it packs in some of the most incredible features that you may have never imagined.

An ordinary citizen does not need a hefty pile of weaponry. There may be no other vehicle in the world as heavily armored as this one. You can watch the video below to find out all those amazing specs the presidential car packs in.

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