This Crazy Video Shows How Game Of Thrones Stars Are Set To Fire For Some Scenes

Some of us often question that how people dedicate their lives to work with extreme passion. However, very few of us can experience that feeling ever. Many people endanger their lives for their jobs, some do it for the love of it, some for the adventure, while a few do such stunts out of desperation.

Celebrities and actors are often accused of living fake lives and earning money without any difficulty or serious efforts. But this does not hold true for most of them. At the minimum, not for the ones starring in Game of Thrones because they sure do go through a havoc to create the quality content. Here is the reason why this world is crazy over the characters of GoT.

Image Credits: HBO

IFL Science has shot the making of an episode of GoT to show the incredible detailing that is required for a scene that lasts no longer than a moment or two. The reality of acting is portrayed as in the image below. However, the video will show you that the same people go as far as turning themselves into a human torch to promise a quality TV series for their fans.

Image Credits: The AV Club

Watch the video of the spectacular show in the making:

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