Here Is A Bluetooth Smart Wallet That You Will Never Lose

Smart Wallet that You Will Never Lose - Woolet 3

We are sure that many of us have gone through the horrible incident of losing our wallet. The nightmare that follows can’t be described in words. A new startup, Woolet Co, has come up with a smart wallet by the name of Woolet ensuring you never lose your wallet again.Smart Wallet that You Will Never Lose - Woolet 6

The Woolet is a thin yet stylish wallet that is equipped with smart Bluetooth technology. In case of user forgetting the wallet behind, a message will be sent to the user’s smartphone/smartwatch informing that you forgot the wallet. This method works both ways; that is to say that if you forgot your smartphone, the gadget will let you know about that as well.Smart Wallet that You Will Never Lose - Woolet 5

This Bluetooth technology is not new, however, Woolet has been able to shrink it down to such a small level that the finished product – Woolet – measures only 9.9mm thick which is roughly half the thickness of Macbook Air. The gadget is available in a brown suede finish or the conventional black leather.Smart Wallet that You Will Never Lose - Woolet 4

The companion app allows the user to determine the distance for which the alerts will be sent. The range is anywhere between 6-25 meters. Woolet also features a built-in distance tracker that is accurate to 0.4 m, thus allowing you to find your wallet even if gets lost down the side of lounger. If all else fails, you can simply ring the wallet to find it. The app also keeps a log of last known location of your Woolet, which lets you know where to start looking in case it does get out of reach.
Smart Wallet that You Will Never Lose - Woolet
Smart Wallet that You Will Never Lose - Woolet 3

The company has also incorporated a Woolet crowd detection network. The user needs to only press a button that will activate the network and every Woolet user will begin scanning for the lost wallet. When and if they do come in range, the GPS location will be instantaneously relayed to your smartphone.

Woolet has 4 card slots and also features a bigger card slot for the larger IDs (maximum size of 70 x 100mm) while also containing a hidden pocket where you can place emergency cash. The wallet can also store larger banknotes without any hassle. Woolet Co has also promised self-charging batteries that would charge from body heat or user’s movements. However, this hasn’t been finalized as of yet.Smart Wallet that You Will Never Lose - Woolet 2

Apart from this, the compliments being offered include a matching phone case and RFID blocking sleeve for the user’s cards. You will also get a key finder, a small keychain that has all the attributes of the Woolet. Based upon how good the Kickstarter campaign goes, the company will be working to make the gadget compatible with Windows phones and Apple Watch. Shipping is expected to launch in April-May 2015.

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