These 6 Gadgets Can Help You Save Water

How to Conserve Water – 6 Gadgets That Help

Water is one of the most important blessings of nature and very often taken for granted. Conserving water should be our primary goal and in doing so, we will be able to see a decrease in our bills as well. We have compiled a list of 6 gadgets that can help you cut back on water consumption at home. Check out the list and let us know what you think about it.

6. E-Water Footprint AppHow to Conserve Water – 6 Gadgets That Help 6

This app will let you track water usage over a number of activities and utilities. The app will suggest to user information about improving water consumption and saving water.

5. Bath Water DiverterHow to Conserve Water – 6 Gadgets That Help 5

This particular gadget recycles wastewater from showers and baths and uses it for the garden. The diverter is attached to the wastepipe from bath and directs the water to a tank that can be used when required.

4. Hippo the Water SaverHippo Vector Logo

This is basically a thick plastic bag that has to be inserted underneath the ball cock located in toilet flush. It saves about 3 liters per flush based upon the kind of toilet you’re installing it in. There is a small hole incorporated in both sides to offer free flow of water.

3. Drop-A-BrickHow to Conserve Water – 6 Gadgets That Help 3

The idea was to make use of a brick in the toilet’s flush tank causing displacement of water. This allowed to conserve water per flush. The rubber brick that was used for this gadget was able to displace 2.3 liters of water and saved 9 liters per day per person.

2. EcoCamel Shower HeadHow to Conserve Water – 6 Gadgets That Help 2

This gadget controls the pressure of the shower’s jet stream while also saving water in the process. It limits the flow to 8 liters per minute or less and introduces jets of air in between to produce the feeling of a high-pressure shower.

1. ECO ShowerdropHow to Conserve Water – 6 Gadgets That Help

This amazing gadget measures how much water you’re using while showering and shall let you know when it is wise to get out of the shower. The device can be placed close to sinkhole and can be used with any kind of shower. According to developers, a reduction from 65 liters to 35 liters or less for water consumption per shower is possible. Reportedly, a family of four can save 40,000 liters of water and $278 per year.

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